San Antonio Black Lawyers Association

Over 30 Years of Legal Excellence

San Antonio Black Lawyers Association

Dedicated to advancing justice, promoting diversity, and empowering the community through law. We connect legal professionals to collaborate and make a meaningful impact in the Alamo City!


Attorneys who join the San Antonio Black Lawyers Association have access to a robust network of legal professionals in the area.

Professional Development

The Association offers ongoing professional development opportunities to its members, including CLE courses, mentorship programs, and career resources.

Community Impact

Through its various programs and initiatives, the San Antonio Black Lawyers Association makes a positive impact in the community.

SABLA 2024 Officers

Congratulations to our newly elected officers for 2024!

President I Danica McKinney
President-Elect I Whitney Thomas
Vice-President I Joseph Saahene
Secretary I Cherrell Holmes
Treasurer I Aisha Denis

About Us

Recognizing the need for unity, organization, leadership, adequate representation, and the provision of sound legal information to and for the Black community of San Antonio, Texas, and recognizing further the fact that by education, training, and professional and social commitment, lawyers are uniquely prepared to perform such functions, we the members of the San Antonio Black Lawyers Association hereby dedicate ourselves, both individually and collectively, to provide a mechanism whereby the community problems may be addressed and resolved, needs may be identified and satisfied, wants may be articulated and fulfilled and goals may be formulated and achieved.


Membership Benefits

At SABLA, we offer our members access to a diverse range of professional resources that can enhance their knowledge and help them establish meaningful referral connections. Our goal is to provide attorneys with the tools they need to excel in their practice and positively impact the legal profession.


SABLA advocates for social justice and equality at local, state, and national levels through lobbying, public policy discussions, and other efforts.

Legal Resources

SABLA provides members with access to legal research databases, brief banks, and practice guides to improve their legal practice.

Referral Network

SABLA members can build referral connections with other legal professionals for increased business opportunities and a stronger client base.

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